OVHcloud Summit 2023: the key announcements you don’t want to miss!

For its 10th Summit, OVHcloud brought together its whole ecosystem to share its key announcements at La Maison de la Mutualité, Paris. Let’s look back on our commitment for the community to support the transformation involved by the cloud technology. More specifically, how we empower you, our 1.6M customers and partners over 140 countries! Find out a number of exciting news: starting with over 40+ products available in our Public Cloud universe, new ways to democratize AI, new deployment models, the opening of a new DataCenter for SecNumCloud… And so much more to help you, our customers and partners, in doing business and shaping the future of the cloud.

You were so many to attend physically here in Paris, France but also watching our video streaming around the world. We want to thank you all!
For those of you who wish to relive or discover the replay and deep dive into the break-out sessions detailed, you can watch the replay here:

Watch the replay!

A vibrant ecosystem to boost your business!

With you, our ecosystem, we shared on our success in accelerating the transformation of infrastructures, data analytics and storage in the cloud technology. Together, we demonstrated our capacity to manage AI challenges for businesses. Including what’s at stake in terms of geopolitics and ethics. And of course, how this technology is a new way for the ecosystem to do business.

Demonstrating our international growth, with USA now being the second biggest market, the Group continues to innovate. OVHcloud is as resolutely focused as it has ever been on the cloud. Now at the center of every business and contributing to a blooming ecosystem of trusted solutions in Europe. From its first servers in 2003, using a bespoke water-cooling system, to AI and quantum computing, OVHcloud stands for innovation, exploring new possibilities, delivering value. We are paving the way for the whole industry.

“ I’m delighted to be back with you today. Remember… In 2013, when the first edition of the OVHcloud Summit was held, less than 40% of humanity was connected to the Internet. 10 years later, we’re approaching 65%! Amazing! And I haven’t changed … well, almost, but digital technology has transformed our lives...” Octave Klaba, OVHcloud founder and chairman.

Together, let’s grow faster and bigger!

Our strength relies on our ecosystem. “Your success is our success” as Michel Paulin, OVHcloud CEO likes to refer to. It’s no surprise for you we make sure to involve our ecosystem to consistently build strategies around fruitful collaborations with market leaders to integrate innovative solutions. For the past three years, we have developed dedicated programs to boost our market and accelerate innovation cycles.

To start with, the Startup Program counts more than 3,700 startups. These members can benefit from a unique mentoring, network opportunities, but also trainings, how-to’s and webinars to unleash the potential of cloud innovations for their business development.

In France and Europe, in a wide range of fields: quantum technology, with some 15 start-ups, in the field of AI with Gladya and Lighton, and also in fintech, Greentech and Adtech Among the newest comers, Gladia and Lighton has recently joined the Startup Program.

Accelerating its ecosystem amplification, the company has redesigned the OVHcloud Partner Program, to better support digital transformations. With company like Capgemini, Accenture, INETUM, CGI, Klee, Inetum… We take great pride in our dense network of partners today. Whether they are in Germany, United Kingdom or US. This is also another way in which the company is focusing on its globalization. ”Our Partner Program revenue account for 30% of OVHcloud’s revenue: the fastest-growing segment at present.” Nicolas Romele, Marketing Director, Partnership & Ecosystem

Local zone: a data center breakthrough for you and your customers!

With the introduction of OVHcloud Local Zone, we are bringing the benefits of our cloud even closer to our customers. Expanding on our global footprint, the Group plans to open 150 local zones throughout the world by 2026. And it starts right now in 2024 with two Local Zones. These two new Local zones are opening in the weeks to come in Madrid, Spain and Brussels, Belgium. By the summer 2024, 17 new local zones should follow swift: 6 in USA, Zürich in Switzerland, Amsterdam in Holland, in Italy, and Marseille in France.

Complementing on our deployment models, Local Zones have a number of advantages for our customers:

  1. Proximity: By situating these Local Zones closer to where you operate, we minimize the distance data needs to travel. This proximity translates to significantly reduced latency, ensuring lightning-fast access to your applications and data.
  2. Enhanced Performance: With the Local Zone, you can expect exceptional performance gains. Applications that demand low-latency, high-throughput, and real-time processing will benefit immensely, enabling you to meet your business objectives more effectively.
  3. Resilience and Redundancy: Our Local Zone architecture is designed with redundancy and resilience in mind, ensuring high availability and data integrity. This means peace of mind for you, knowing your critical workloads are in a robust and secure environment.
  4. Scalability and Flexibility: This deployment model offers scalable resources tailored to your needs. You’re a startup seeking rapid expansion? Or an enterprise requiring dynamic resource allocation? We got just what you need! The Local Zone provides the flexibility to scale effortlessly.
  5. Compliance and Data Sovereignty: By offering localized services, we adhere to regional compliance requirements. Respecting data sovereignty and ensuring that your data remains within specified geographic boundaries.

Region 3-AZ

Introducing Region 3-AZ in Paris France. Region 3-AZ refers to a new availability zone with distinct data centers within a specific geographical region that are isolated from each other in terms of power, cooling and network activity. These AZs enhance redundancy and reliability for your users’ data and services by providing additional infrastructure and options for deployment. With Region 3-AZ in the starting blocks, we invite you, our customers, to give a test drive through our unique Beta test program available on our Labs. Your feedback are mostly welcome!

A Cloud Native Platform totaling over 40 products

Over the past few months, we delivered a staggering number of products, including Metal Instances, Cold Archive or the highly anticipated OVHcloud IAM. Today, OVHcloud Public Cloud portfolio is on a fast-paced growth trajectory, with over 40 products and the following new solutions:

  • New Compute Instances: Available now, OVHcloud’s new compute instances are powered by AMD EPYC processors. You can benefit from increased performance, scalability, uses cases (optimized for AI/ML workloads, gaming applications, video rendering, or scientific simulations!), at the best price performance ratio!
  • Rancher for heavily containerized workloads: enterprises, devOps teams, cloud-native applications or managed service providers are going to love it! Rancher will simplify complex containerized environments, making them more manageable, scalable, and secure, thereby benefiting a wide range of businesses and IT professionals dealing with heavily containerized workloads.

Democratizing AI (with data, that stays your data)

AI, data analytics and soon quantum need the cloud to be accessible.

That’s why we delivered a new end-to-end data platform. Our goal is to offer a unique low code solution for management of the data pipeline and analytics. OVHcloud Dataplatform is designed for this purpose, providing customers with a complete and smooth experience. For their data journey complete with the availability to collect (50+ available connectors), store, manage, analyze, and visualize data efficiently and securely in a unified environment.

By leveraging the OVHcloud Data Platform, customers and partners can unlock the full potential of their data, driving innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness in their businesses. Test the beta on our labs: OVHcloud Labs

OVHcloud AI App Builder: As Octave announced at the Summit Keynote. “At OVHcloud, we are willing to democratize AI. We want to make it more accessible…With “AI App Builder” – a platform that respects the 3 characteristics that benefit you – your data remains your data, the technology is simple to use, and your costs are transparent. The first Alpha version we are proposing is a full managed serveless solution. Providing an easy way to build contextualized generative AI apps and chatbots. This brand new tool allows our customers to input their private datasets in a secured cloud environment, select cutting-edge LLM, in just a single click! You can deploy code ready to use for your application.

OVHcloud AI Endpoints: “Developer with no expertise will also appreciate our new AI Endpoints solution: this solution provides API for generic use-cases like translation, speech, document analysis, … Dozens of AI models will be available at launch with a playground to test them before implementation. Alpha version expected on Q2FY24, beta for Q3FY24.” Germain Masse, IA and Data Product Marketing Lead.

We are looking forward connecting again with all of you on our coming events! Save the date: KubeCon on March 2024, 20 to 22. For this major international event, we will be holding a pre-event meeting with Suse on March 19. At this event, we will be presenting the Rancher Managed Service, following our announcement at the OVHcloud Summit 2023.

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