Happy New Year 2024!

Dear customers, partners and friends,

On behalf of our 2,900 OVHcloud employees, I am delighted to wish you all the best for this new year 2024. January is the best month for making new, ambitious resolutions. So, we hope that the innovations presented during the 10th edition of the OVHcloud Summit will help you to achieve your digital and cloud goals. But also, strengthen your trust in the European tech ecosystem. We have the talent, resources and capabilities to innovate together. To serve organisations and support their digital transformation: Innovation for freedom.

Shaping tomorrow’s cloud today

First of all, we would like to say thank you. We are humbled by the opportunity to demonstrate an unwavering commitment. Above all, to provide you with top-notch solutions on a daily basis.

In 2024, you, our partners, start-ups and customers, will be at the pivotal point of a new technological paradigm. Shaping tomorrow’s cloud today. Our goal is to make digital tools accessible to all our customers, and build and strengthen trust in the cloud.

Our commitments in 2024

These fundamental principles will define the pace at which we’ll fulfill our commitments in 2024:

  1. Strengthening trust in the cloud: We are always working to develop trusted solutions. Our goal is to ensure your data is safe and secure. Plus, to protect the intellectual property rights of your solutions and products. This is very important today, with the use of AI growing by leaps and bounds. This year, we will focus on shortening the time to market of our SecNumCloud solutions in France. In light of this, we have opened our third datacentre in Gravelines. We have begun the process to get our 40 PaaS services certified by SNC.
  2. Addressing innovation challenges: Our teams have designed over 40 Public Cloud solutions to offer you unbeatable price-performance ratios. In the coming years, we plan to push the envelope, thanks to our ecosystem and make new compute instances, MongoDB database, Rancher solutions for hybrid cloud available. Additionally, we will be launching a brand new comprehensive data management offering, OVHcloud Data Platform – beta version available. Lastly, in line with future commitments, we are developing products and solutions. Ready to prepare for the quantum revolution, which could lead to technological disruption.
  3. Making Artificial Intelligence free, open and accessible: Thanks to a brand new AI App Builder service, a new comprehensive range of infrastructure solutions (GPU instances) and AI suite software are now available. This new service unlocks the potential of AI, enabling our customers to build generative AI applications and customise chatbots. With this serverless and low-code tool, you can enter all your private data into a trusted, sustainable-by-design cloud environment, while selecting a desired LLM in just a few clicks.
  4. Expanding our global reach: By using new deployment models, we can now offer our customers edge cloud services through local zones, expected to reach 150 by 2026. We are opening two new local zones to serve Brussels and Madrid. Before summer 2024, 16 local zones will be deployed.

As we embark on this new chapter together, we would like to thank everyone. We wish you a prosperous year ahead! We look forward to working with you to accelerate your business projects.

Michel Paulin and the entire OVHcloud Team

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CEO OVHcloud