Inside the new OVHcloud Network Security Dashboard

New OVHcloud Network Security Dashboard provides clearer insights into Denial-of-Service attacks.

OVHcloud has been proud to protect organizations and individuals alike from denial-of-service attacks for decades, but like so many security services, the end result of their success is often invisible. To provide greater support and visibility to the security teams we work with, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Network Security Dashboard, providing a simple but powerful visualization into historical DoS attacks.

This system not only complements our broader security services that protect organizations around the world but also offers an insight into the goings-on ‘behind the scenes’ on OVHcloud networks. With 450,000 servers around the world, 44 points of presence (POPs) and 100Tb/s of available network bandwidth, OVHcloud’s proposition continues to go from strength to strength, offering organizations a compelling, transparent and secure infrastructure from which to operate their businesses.  

Freely available to all customers, the new dashboard shows a graphical visualization of attacks attempted within the last two weeks, with historical data stored for a year. This service is available globally and the customer community was invaluable in providing support and suggestions to improve the UI.

The system can be tuned to different applications. It is available for all publicly facing IP addresses, including on public cloud, dedicated servers, VPS or vRack private networks. Protection is unmetered, and there is no time limit. Thanks to OVHcloud’s network capacity and capabilities, attacks can be inspected and handled at the edge of the core, rather than allowing attacks to reach the actual rack. Because of our inspection capabilities, we are also able to avoid cutting off data sources, which can run the risk of dropping valid packets during an attack.

The Network Security Dashboard complements OVHcloud’s existing security systems, including:

Hardware Client Amplitude Policer (HCAP): This system sits at the POP-level, which can rate limit traffic if needed.

Scrubbing Centre: This is a combination of OVHcloud technologies primarily aimed at traffic filtering and DoS attack prevention. It consists of the following components:

Edge Network Firewall: This system sits within the data centre and forms the first part of OVHcloud’s scrubbing centre service. It uses rule-based detection to find and isolate anomalous traffic.

Shield and Armour: These systems act to stop server resources from being overwhelmed, and features advanced techniques to protect from a variety of attacks

The Network Security Dashboard service is currently available for IPv4 addresses, with IPv6 to be supported in future. This and all forthcoming developments in this area can be seen on the dedicated OVHcloud github page.

The dashboard has been one of the most-requested services from users. We’re delighted to make it freely available to all – and if you didn’t know what a DoS attack looks like, now you do!

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