A leader in Europe in The Forrester Wave™: Hosted Private Cloud Services In Europe, Q2 2020

A leader in Europe in The Forrester Wave: Hosted Private Cloud Services In Europe, Q2 2020

OVHcloud, an European leader for Hosted Private Cloud!

OVHcloud has been recognized as a Leader in the European Hosted Private Cloud market according to the latest Forrester report on Hosted Private Cloud Services In Europe, Q2 2020. We were cited for the ability to unify services while ensuring a Cloud Act emancipated European offering.

OVHcloud is best suited for organizations focused on strong cloud infrastructure solutions for customers of various sizes

The Forrester Wave™

At OVHcloud we are a global cloud player providing full freedom of choice to its customers through 4 product categories (Hosted Private Cloud, Baremetal Cloud, Public Cloud and Web Cloud), fully interconnectable and addressing all customers use cases.

Forrester’s report evaluates our Hosted Private Cloud and our Baremetal offerings.

We believe that Forrester’s evaluation of product features indicates that OVHcloud provides a strong technological stack, having received the highest scores possible in the criterion  of permissions, roles and image library which is defined as having strong evidence of role-based access control and integration with directory services. Our storage capacities received the highest score possible in the storage options criterion.

In addition to product feature-related aspects, the OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud received a on the highest score possible in the data center locations criterion, as well as in the onboarding experience criterion – which we feel is illustrated by the fast accessibility to a new platform in under 60 minutes and a personal onboarding, to smooth user ramp-up on the product.

OVHcloud received of the highest score possible in the operations experience e criterion which we believe illustrates the importance for OVHcloud to provide reactive and proactive support at all steps of the customer lifecycle, contributing to customer success by being a close partner in their growth.

In addition to the above scores, OVHcloud was rated the highest possible in the Hosted Private Cloud vision, market approach and certification criteria. We address  the most demanding regulated sectors such as the public sector and healthcare and finance industries.

A strong vision for the future of the Hosted Private Cloud market

OVHcloud product offering reflects OVHcloud core values, notably to allow full freedom of choice to its customers and data security.  Extensive data protection is ensured by top-of-class market certifications (e.g.HDS for healthcare, SecNumCloud in progress for sovereignty of Government data) and the full control for OVHcloud customers over the location of their data.

Our OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud solutions are based on market leading solutions (OVHcloud is a verified VMware cloud provider) and powered by latest hardware technologies (OVHcloud designs and build its own servers and datacenters).

Our main objective is therefore to provide performant (in terms of compute, storage and network), resilient, secured and easy-to-manage solutions to our customers with full price predictability.

For instance on Storage capabilities, a key requirement for Cloud customers and a fundamental brick of our offering, OVHcloud offers a full range of options from NFS to full NVMe hyperconverged storage with the vSAN technology which also demonstrates the best price/performance ratio observed on the market. 

Our offering is also built around a multi-product approach which provides customers the ability to mix products across the OVHcloud universes and build fully customizable solutions tailored to customers specific needs.

Building the future together with OVHcloud Ecosystem

We have identified several opportunities to support our customers in their digital transformation and their hybrid cloud strategies by offering a continuity between on-prem and off-prem infrastructures. First of all, OVHcloud will continue to streamline the integration with VMware. In the near future and to continue to offer strong freedom of choice, we will also be releasing new platforms and new storage solutions for Hosted Private Cloud.

Our Hosted Private Cloud offering is highly secured, fully reversible, with dedicated resources, and easy to connect to customer legacy solutions and all OVHcloud products, therefore providing freedom of choice to customers. In addition, it includes a private network with unlimited and unmetered ingress and egress traffic. Furthermore, Multi-AZ environments will be available across different regions.

OVHcloud will launch in 2020 a broader range of hosted private cloud products, from cost effective to enterprise grade hosted private clouds. OVHcloud is also working on new propositions for customers requiring dedicated zones to answer challenges related to data protection, regulations or sovereignty.

Last but not least, we are co-building our strategy around a wide and active ecosystem, made of strategic alliances, communities and partners, allowing to grow together. We are proud to share with our ecosystem this recognition which is the result of a successful collaboration.

Do you want to know more?

If you want more details about OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud Services and download The Forrester Wave™ analysis, please click here.

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