Celebrating Harbor joining the restricted list of CNCF Graduated projects

Celebrating Harbor joining the restricted list of CNCF Graduated projects

A couple of months ago, one year after the general availability of our Managed Kubernetes Service, we launched Managed Private Registry service. We shared in a previous blog post why we chose to base it on the CNCF Harbor project . Two OVHcloud employees became project maintainers. We now have a new event to celebrate: the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation just announced that Harbor joined the very restricted list of “Graduated” projects.

CNCF Graduation : The Ultimate Maturity Level

The CNCF hosts a few dozen open-source projects and does an excellent job offering those projects support for growth, both in terms of infrastructure and tools, but also community and awareness. However most of these projects are living in “the CNCF Sandbox” or the “Incubating” stage. There are currently only 11 projects that have “graduated”, including Kubernetes, Prometheus and Helm. Harbor is now the latest one to receive this great badge of recognition.


Each level reflects the completion of very specific maturity characteristics, enforced and validated by the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee. To graduate, Harbor for example has demonstrated that it has active committers from multiple organizations. It went through exhaustive and independent security audits and has fully transparent governance. Harbor also received a CII best practices badge.

OVHcloud Proudly Democratizing Harbor

Many enterprise-grade organizations already adopted Harbor as a part of commercial containerization platforms. They usually deploy and operate it on premise or in the cloud. If skeptics wanted a last sign to adopt Harbor, it has come… and OVHcloud is very proud to help make Harbor even simpler!

With our totally managed service, any OVHcloud user can benefit from a dedicated, highly available and full-featured Harbor. We offer totally predictable costs and enterprise-grade features that many cloud registries on the market lack. Those not yet ready to embrace the cloud will also benefit from our donation of what became the official Harbor Kubernetes operator to facilitate self-deployment and lifecycle in specific environments.

More for our current and future managed registry users!

Because we want you to celebrate with us, we are announcing today even more generous plans for our Managed Private Registry:

  • the “M” plan, ideal for medium-sized software companies or business units in large organizations; now includes vulnerability scanning
  • the “L” plan can now host up to 5 TB of your artifacts (container layers, Helm charts, etc.)

Prices and other characteristics are unchanged, making the service one of the most interesting enterprise-grade registry services on the market. All existing and future customers automatically benefit from these improvements. The public pricing page will be updated soon. Of course, as with most OVHcloud products, the ingress and egress traffic remain unlimited and at no charge.

Currently exposing the very stable Harbor 1.10, our container team already has plans to move to Harbor 2.0.

See you at the Kubecon Europe and OVHcloud summit later this year!

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