OVHcloud at Devoxx Morocco

Between Tuesday and Thursday October 4-6, 2022, Devoxx Morocco took place in Agadir, Morocco.

As speakers, we are going to tell you how this edition of Devoxx Morocco went.

Hilton hotel

Few words about the conference:
– 1200+ attendees
– 2 keynotes
– 150+ conferences
– 11 sponsors

The conference

Devoxx Morocco is a very big conference, the biggest in Morocco.
What was striking was the enthusiasm and passion with which the participants went to the talks.
There were often very nice post-talk exchanges between the whole audience.

Participating in such a conference, far from France, is an opportunity to discover another culture, both in terms of computer science and personal life.
We come back home with a lot of beautiful images, contacts with wonderful people and a lot of stars in our eyes.

Let’s see from a more standard point of view how Devoxx Morocco went!

OVHcloud talks

Horacio Gonzalez & Stéphane Philippart – How to develop a Kubernetes operator in Java with Quarkus.


Kubernetes operators are taking up more and more space in the Kubernetes ecosystem. An Operator simplifies the packaging and deployment of applications within Kubernetes but it also automates the operational part such as updates, migrations etc …
After a quick presentation on the key concepts of operators, this workshop will be an opportunity to dive concretely into the depths of the development of an operator.
So we are developing an operator. Great, but with which language?
For us, old developers, the choice was obvious: Java! And as we love Quarkus, we might as well mix business with pleasure: it is with Quarkus and the Java Operator SDK that we will accompany the participants of this Workshop.
We will develop a small Quarkus application and then we will code a Kubernetes Operator to package and deploy it. Finally, we will automate the operational part so that this application works perfectly and robustly. All this without leaving Java and Quarkus!
No need to be an expert in Quarkus or Kubernetes to follow the lab, loving to code and knowing the basics of Java are more than enough. You will no longer need to install anything on the machine, a simple browser and voila thanks to the power of GitPod.

Horacio and Stephane

Behind the scene

As an attendee

What a wonderful experience!
The location was amazing: Agadir and the Hilton.
Many of the conferences were very interesting with many conversations after each one.
And, as usual, it was the opportunity to meet some friends from other companies and have many discussions.

As a DevRel

As always in conference the meetings and other stuff for OVHcloud keep going 😉.
That’s the life of a DevRel on the road.

DevRel working

It was also the occasion to met other DevRel and have passionate discussions.

Other DevRel

And of course it was an opportunity to meet many attendees, even if we didn’t have a booth 😊.

A lot of attendees

As a speaker

This is the first time Horacio and Stéphane gave this workshop.
The attendees were enthusiastic and many interesting questions were raised.
And at the end, one attendee won the Kahoot contest and won the book on Kubernetes written by Aurélie Vache.

Contest winner

Can’t wait to return next year!

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Java developer for many years, I have the joy of knowing JDK 1.1, JEE, Struts, ... and now Spring, Quarkus, (core, boot, batch), Angular, Groovy, Golang, ...
For more than ten years I was a Software Architect, a job that allowed me to face many problems inherent to the complex information systems in large groups.
I also had other lives, notably in automation and delivery with the implementation of CI/CD chains based on Jenkins pipelines.
I particularly like sharing and relationships with developers and I became a Developer Relation at OVHcloud.
This new adventure allows me to continue to use technologies that I like such as Kubernetes or AI for example but also to continue to learn and discover a lot of new things.
All the while keeping in mind one of my main motivations as a Developer Relation: making developers happy.
Always sharing, I am the co-creator of the TADx Meetup in Tours, allowing discovery and sharing around different tech topics.

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