OVHcloud at DevFest Nantes 2022

Between Thursday and Friday October 20-21, 2022, DevFest Nantes took place in Nantes, France.

As speakers and sponsor, we are going to tell you how this edition of DevFest Nantes went.

Elephant from machines of Nantes

Few words about the conference:
– 3700+ attendees
– 90+ speakers
– 2 keynotes
– 70+ conferences
– 42 sponsors

It was the 10th anniversary edition 🎉. The theme of this edition was Jules Vernes!

Steam punk atmosphere for all booths 🤩.

OVHcloud talks

Two talks were given by Alexandre and Olivier.

Alexandre Vilain – – My workflows are cloud ready

📽 Replay

Who has never found themselves developing an in-house solution to orchestrate complex business workflows? You start by adding a database to manage the state, then you add queueing to pass the data through your services and you end up developing complex retry functions that never handle all the special cases. Even before integrating their business logic, developers have to solve a number of workflow orchestration problems that make development heavy and sometimes complex to maintain. Can we stop reinventing the wheel? is a workflow engine, derived from Cadence, initially developed at Uber and used in production at Netflix, Stripe or Snapchat. The paradigms brought by are simple and allow teams to reduce their “glue-code” to focus on their business code. Write your workflows in the language of your choice thanks to its SDKs available in several languages: JAVA, Go, Typescript, PHP (and soon Python, Ruby, Rust & .NET), the temporal platform takes care of the rest.

The objective is to present you how it works, its use cases and its interest for development teams.

Alexandre at DevFest Nantes

Olivier Beautier – The IT’s hero’s journey

📽 Replay

Did you know you were a storyteller?

As proof, you are able to predict the next scene in a movie or a series, or even guess who the killer is! This is completely normal, because from our youngest age, we have been rocked by stories, tales, legends, we have unconsciously integrated their mechanics.

In this original and interactive talk, we will use the concept of the Hero’s Journey to tell a story, directly inspired by your experiences, and show you that you have everything you need to tell great stories yourself.

Olivier at DevFest Nantes

Behind the scene

Many members of OVHcloud were at the DevFest Nantes.

It was an opportunity to meet each others in real life!

The booth

All the team was involved in the booth setup and was present on the booth during the event 👏.

The booth was amazing, thanks to @horacio for his wonderful drawings 🤩.

Team IRL
OVHcloud booth
OVHcloud booth
OVHcloud booth

As a DevRel

As always being sponsor at this kind of event is a lot of work. The day start early to build the booth and to be present at the opening on the booth.

We met a lot of people with exciting discussions. We organized a contest based on the Gabaky game.

Many players came to try to win the Switch and at the end, after a memorable final, one of them won the Switch!

OVHcloud booth

As a speaker (and coach)

Being a speaker at a conference is already a very strong experience, but when it comes to the biggest French conference and the talk takes place in the largest room, it’s indescribable.

In this talk where I learn to tell stories, I tell my own story and my fight against stage fright.

I manage to emerge victorious from this fight thanks to the tools of storytelling, and I transmit at the end a model of narrative structure adapted to the world of conferences.

I also had the great pleasure of being able to coach Alexandre for his talk “ – My workflows are cloud ready”, from the design of the talk, through rehearsals in the middle of the crowd, to the final performance.

Alexandre’s talk was a success, I’m very proud of it and I can’t wait to see his next talks.


A big thanks to the whole organization team, you did an amazing work for this super edition 💪.

Can’t wait to return next year!

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