Is Multi-Cloud the real future of Cloud Computing Industry?

Cloud Computing revolutionized the way the industries operate by moving from an IT and HW fabric centric approach to a seamless Infrastructures by abstracting HW and SW to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). After almost 11 years of Cloud and IT revolution, we asked to our partners (System Integrators and Managed Services Providers) where they see the next business evolution in terms of Cloud Computing.

Based on the current industry business model there are two types of predominant words when we speak with CIO: Multi-Cloud and/or Hybrid Cloud approach.

Is Multi-Cloud the real future of Cloud Computing Industry?

What we really intend with Multi-Cloud approach?

  • A multi-cloud approach is a strategy that involves the company using multiple CSPs to meet the IT and HW needs of the company.
  • This approach is a valid approach for companies that would like to differentiate CSPs services using some specific services by different Cloud Providers; considering the variety of services available in the market, the approach, to move from internal IT/HW to external Cloud Providers can be very effective with an increased flexibility to meet the needs of the company and customization of some services;
  • Another advantage is about Cost Optimization as the Multi-Cloud approach can help the organizations to differentiate the services by optimizing the costs based on the choice of the most cost-effective services provided by the Cloud Providers.
  • furthermore, the choice of Multi-Cloud could help to reduce risk of outages by differentiating the services over multiple service providers.

Based on the above statements it looks clearly that Multi-Cloud approach represents the future evolution of the traditional Cloud Computing.

The challenges of Multi-Cloud

There are challenges that the company should evaluate deeply before moving in a multi-cloud approach such as:

  • Ensure the Interoperability between the CSPS, this is a key element to have a clear views of who is doing what, to avoid bad surprises the company should have a control about the IT services running over different CSPs and this requires to have skilled person able to operate above the HW layer and understand how orchestrate at best the various IT services.
  • Security and compliance is another delicate aspect of this approach as the company should state which data can operate in compliance with the regulation, as per example Health Data must be secured under GDPR and hosted in DC with specific certifications to secure their data.

It is evident that in a Multi-Cloud approach the (System Integrators) SI and Managed Services Providers (MSP) play a key role in supporting and guiding the organizations to choose and manage multiple cloud environments.

Nowadays the shortage of the skills are forcing companies to delay the cloud adoption, however choosing the right SI/MSP it’s a must move for: designing, deploying and in certain case operating the platform on behalf of the customers.

The Ecosystem of Partners

Move to PaaS

The Ecosystem of OVHcloud have a huge variety of SI and MSPs that can help and support the organizations to move faster in direction of the new Cloud approach with the right skills to avoid delay in Cloud adoption and move the IT faster in a new era of fast Business needs.

We again hugely invite the companies that are looking for the right cloud approach to go in the Partner Directory of OVHcloud and find the right partner for their exigences.

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