How to beat the Hidden Fees in the Cloud? Simple! Work with OVHcloud!

The meeting!

Four people was sitting around the conference table at Company X Headquarters and the atmosphere was very tense. There was the CEO, the CFO, the CIO and assistant CIO and the latter was giving the bad news.

“So, our Partner who helps us manage our Cloud platform have informed us of an increase of our monthly billing and also mentioned that he cannot guarantee a fixed monthly billing.” explained the Assistant CIO meekly.

How to beat the Hidden Fees in the Cloud? Simple! Work with OVHcloud!

“What do you mean he cannot guarantee the monthly pricing? You mean that we will have a fluctuating billing every month even though our usage is not changing and we will not be able to predict how much we will pay every month?” fumed the CFO

“Yes. It is because of the egress fees and we do a lot of data transfer” the CIO finally commented.

The shock!

The CEO who was silent during the exchange then intervene. “I cannot understand the terms you are using. Can you explain to me what are you talking about? What are egress fees? My understanding when we moved to the cloud, was that we will do massive savings and have scalability, flexibility and more importantly predictable costs which is crucial for our business and shareholders. How come they never mentioned this when we were discussing the pricing?“

“Well, while we were focused on the technical aspect of ensuring the migration to the cloud, on the pricing, we focused on the framework and which type of Cloud we would want to use.” Explained the CIO.

As the CIO was speaking, the Associated CIO interrupted and said that he got an expert from another Major Cloud service provider who could explain and help on this.

The Awakening…

The expert was from OVHcloud and he began by explaining what exactly was ingress and egress

“Data Ingress and egress are terms used for Data movement in and out the cloud respectively. Ingress is generally free for most cloud providers and it’s data flowing in the Cloud service providers Datacenters.”

“Data Egress Fees, as we call it ,refers to data transfer fees for Moving data out of the Cloud. Most customers have to move data because of reasons such as disaster recovery purposes, transfer of data to another storage provider, to move data from an application into a data warehouse, to move data to on premise for testing/ development purposes and for other reasons as well.”

Paying for traffic...

“Data Egress fees are measured in terms of $ / GB and varies depending on which Cloud service provider you are using and their terms and conditions for Egress fess / GB. Many businesses, such as yours, fail to factor egress costs into their business case and ROI of cloud hosting. And it’s usually not your fault as it is not clear at the start and many cloud vendors do not mention this upfront while discussing their platform.”

The room was quiet for some time and the CFO spoke “so if I can summarize the situation, since every month we will be taking our data out, we will be paying this egress fees? And since the amount of data varies every month, our fees will vary meaning an unpredictable cost every month”

“Yes, that is correct” Replied the OVHcloud expert.

“What is the solution?“ the CIO finally spoke.

Why OVHcloud?

“Well, for one thing, OVHCloud offers a simplified and transparent pricing structures with no hidden fees. With the exception of Object storage, we do not charge for ingress or egress fees. Our price/performance are amongst the best in the market providing an innovative, open and secured cloud platform with predictable pricing structure.”

“So, what will be the complexity of us migrating to your platform?” The Assistant CIO asked

OVHcloud across the world

I have performed some migration projects and every migration is different from each other. However, with proper planning and if you get a trained OVHCloud partner to assist you, the migration should be seamless. Our partner ecosystem is worldwide and have various expertise in multiple domains. But, to kick-off the project, we can ask our solution architect to check the architecture first, without any cost to you, if you are agreeable to this“ replied the OVHcloud expert

“Can you give me a brief of OVHcloud” the CEO asked

“In a nutshell, I can say that OVHcloud is kind of the best kept secret in the cloud market. With over 33 ISO Certified Datacentres around the world, leveraging a 32Tbps global network capacity and 38 redundant PoPs around the world, we are true Global player with local expertise in each geography. We design all of our infrastructures, from server production to deployment and use our proprietary water-cooling system to minimise Energy usage. We put a lot of emphasis on Data Sovereignty and data security meaning we ensure that we are compliant with Data Protection laws and protect our customers data against interference.”

“Amazing!!!!” the CEO and CIO said at the same time.

“When Can you schedule the next meeting with the OVHcloud solution architect”

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