Wilfried Roset

After 10 years as a Sysadmin in High Performance Computing, Wilfried Roset is now part of OVHcloud as Engineering Manager for their Databases product Unit. He focuses on industrialization, reliability and performances for both internal and public clusters offers.

Picking our Prometheus' remote storage

Picking our Prometheus’ remote storage

If you are running an IT system you are most likely using an Observability stack along it. Nowadays, the question’s no more whether or not you need Observability but more like how will you compose your stack. At OVHcloud, we have been running a scalable timeseries backend for years now. During the last year, we […]

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Benchmarking Prometheus like a pro with k6

Benchmarking Prometheus like a pro with k6

In our previous posts about choosing a Prometheus remote storage we have seen how to set up a benchmarking infrastructure and how to benchmark promql performance. We have been able to obtain results but the whole benchmark is flawned in many ways: This blog post discuss how we should have benchmark our remote storage. How to

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Prometheus' remote storage playground

Prometheus’ remote storage playground

Introduction In the previous post we have discuss how important remote storage are for Prometheus. We have also covered several attention points. In the following post we are covering remote write storage and how to bench them. Context After you have identify one (or more) remote storage who might suit your must bench it. However

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Prometheus love remote storage

Welcome to Prometheus world of remote storage

At OVHcloud, we recently made a change to our internal Observability stack. After testing and comparing the different solutions on the market, we opted for on open source solution. With this blog post, we’re starting a series of articles to provide feedback on our selection process and what we’ve learned along the way. Our mission

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Improve your SQL workload with Observability

Improve your SQL workload with observability

Our team of database administrators used to be overwhelmed by our developers’ needs. Picture this: we had only 1.5 database admins per more than 400 tech people (DevOps, developers etc.), with only 24 hours in a day! This was a perfect use-case for observability. But what is observability, apart from a buzzword? To me, observability is

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Internal database architecture

OVHcloud’s internal databases infrastructure

Today, most applications rely directly or indirectly on databases. I would even take a bet and say that a large portion of those are relational databases. At OVHcloud, we rely on several dozens of clusters hosting hundreds of databases to power thousands of applications. Most of those databases power our API, host billing information and

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