OVHcloud is now available on Cloud 66 Platform

Building an ecosystem of partnerships, that share the same values as we do is a key strategic goal at OVHcloud. In line with that objective, we are glad to announce that we are now partnered with Cloud 66. This strengthens our value proposition in relation to our developers’ audience. Together with Cloud 66, we help developers to be more productive while taking advantage of the OVHcloud SMART approach.

OVHcloud is now available on Cloud 66 Platform

Should it be for modernizing, or for building new applications, developers are called on to bring functionalities faster to market. However, many of them are still complaining that Ops are inefficient in providing the resources they need to deploy and run applications in production. While this leads to complexity, slowness and frustration – its productivity that’s most negatively affected. This is where Cloud 66 comes in.

What does Cloud 66 offer?

Cloud 66 provides solutions that enable developers to build, deploy, run and manage applications in any cloud, in a completely automated and streamlined fashion.  Using these solutions feels like having an in-house DevOps team that makes sure servers work for applications in production. Developers can just focus on writing code, and do not need to worry about taking care of the infrastructure. Cloud 66 has integrated OVHcloud as one the cloud infrastructure providers where applications can be deployed and run.

Why should I care?

As one of Cloud 66’s ambitions is to build simple infrastructure that adds value to startups all over the world, it was an obvious match to partner Cloud 66 with OVHcloud.

As a developer, Cloud 66 will make your life much easier. It simplifies application deployment by automating the provisioning, scaling and management of application environment and associated resources.

By deploying and running your application on OVHcloud, you will benefit from the most competitive, predictable prices for compute, storage and network resources. Note: for compute instances, traffic is included; so you will save a lot if your application gets great traction. As reversibility is one of our key values, you keep full control and ownership over your data, leveraging OVHcloud’s focus on data protection.

It works with your Ruby, Node or containerized applications

Let’s have a look at the practical elements – this helps demonstrate how straight-forward it is to deploy applications with Cloud 66.

First, ensure you have the following: 

  • A Cloud 66 Account
  • A Git Repo containing your application code
  • An account at OVHcloud

Let’s say you are a developer of Ruby application. After selecting that you want to deploy the native application, you are asked to chose a framework. Due to its intuitive UI, it is likely that you will choose “Deploy Rails & Rack Frameworks”.

Provide information about your application

One very cool feature with Cloud 66, is that once you have provided information about your app, it analyses your code to assist you in the configuration of the runtime and associated resources.

Accessing your Git Repo

Cloud 66 supports both public and private Git repositories. If you’re using a private Git repository you’ll need to Add and approve the Cloud 66 public SSH key with your Git provider:

Defining your application

You are finally asked to enter your Git repo URL, branch to deploy, name for your app and an environment for deployment

Configuring your application

Once the analysis is complete you’ll see a yellow Information Box that you can use to verify that the analysis is correct.

Deploy your application on OVHcloud

To use OVHcloud as a target environment for deployment, just pick OVHcloud in the drop-down menu when selecting a cloud provider.

You need to select the API region (US, EU and CA are available). Note that this is not the region for the deployment, its your billing entity. E.g, if you registered an OVHcloud account in France: choose OVHcloud EU.

Enter your OVH project ID and create a name for your deployment target.

Finally, you can decide how you want to configure your Front end (Web) and Database Servers. They can be shared or deployed to separate servers.

Once it’s done, just click Deploy application, your application is deployed on your Public Cloud instances and your resources are provisioned dynamically by Cloud 66: You’re good to go!

Who is Cloud 66?

Cloud 66 is headquartered in San Francisco and London, whose mission it is to make developers more productive. Created in 2012, it serves more than 1000+ companies, in 120 countries. The company deploys apps 2 million times a day for thousands of developers around the world.

What’s next?

You can start right now creating your Cloud 66 account. To celebrate our partnership with Cloud 66, when you set up a Cloud 66 account, just use the code: Hello-OVHcloud and you will benefit from $66 free credits to use on Cloud 66.

We are planning a webinar on June, 30th for a deeper dive into Cloud 66 products, so you can see and learn how straight-forward it is to deploy your application with Cloud 66 at OVHcloud. Stay tuned!

OVHcloud is now available on Cloud 66 Platform
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