OVHcloud at Cloud Nord

Cloud Nord took place on Thursday, September 29, 2022, in Lille (France).

As speakers and sponsor, we are going to tell you how this edition of Cloud Nord went.

OVHcloud at Cloud Nord

Few words about the conference:

  • 300+ attendees
  • 1 keynote
  • 25 conferences
  • 1 round table
  • 17 sponsors

Cloud Nord banner

OVHcloud talks

Aurélie Vache & Gaëlle Acas – Create & share a plugin for Kubernetes in few minutes? Easy!


Kubernetes is quite complex like that … but did you know that it is possible to add functionality to our favorite orchestrator thanks to plugins and a small tool: Krew?

We will see in this talk, that in a few minutes it is possible to create a plugin in Kubernetes to make our pods more user-friendly (depending on the seasonal theme ^^). But that’s not all ! The goal is also to share it with others and for that, Krew is “The place to be”. At the end of this talk you will have all the marbles in hand in order to be able to create & share your own plugin.

Ready? Create your own plugins!

Aurélie and Gaëlle

Horacio Gonzalez – Round table on the future of the cloud


Horacio and other cloud specialists discuss what the cloud will look like in the years to come.


Round table

Stéphane Philippart – Kubernetes operators for any developer


Developing an operator can be rather impressive.
Fortunately, different Frameworks have emerged, including the best known, Operator SDK, allowing an operator to be developed in Go, Helm or Ansible.
Before develop an operator, we will see together what is behind the notion of operators within Kubernetes: what they are used for and how they evolve in the Kubernetes ecosystem.
Once these basics acquired, we will develop together an operator allowing the management of an Nginx server.
Yes but which Framework / language to choose? Go? Helm? And why not Java?
I want to offer you all three!
We will develop together the same operator in three different ways: with Helm, Golang and even in Java with Quarkus!
At the end of this talk, you will have the different elements to know if you need to develop an operator, how to develop it, and choose which language to use according to your knowledge!


Our booth

Once again, it was an opportunity to meet many interesting people.
The Gabaky contest, was again a success.
One attendee won the book about Kubernetes written by our colleague Aurélie Vache with the highest score, congratulations to him!

OVHcloud booth
Gabaky contest
Gabaky contest
Gabaky contest winner

Behind the scene

As a team

Cloud Nord was the occasion for the DevRel team to on-board our fifth element!
Thierry Chantier joined our team in September and it was the occasion for the rest of the team to meet him in real life 😊.
It was also the opportunity to visit our wonderful office in Roubaix.

Thierry on-boarding

As usual local OVHcloud staff came to help us on the booth, a big thank you to them and especially to Anissa (as always your rocks!)

note from the Fitfth element:

What could be better than jumping in an event with my team straight away? The experience was smooth and each time I needed someone to dig in a topic with an attendee, someone was here. No matter if it was my team, someone from the local office and from a different service: I was able to live the One Team moment and it was wonderful!

As a speaker

As always giving a workshop allow to meet wonderful people and make easiest to have questions & answers time.
The workshop of Stéphane was the opportunity to him to zoom in and take the time to talk about topics with attendees.
A great moment!

Aurélie’s talk (and her partner Gaelle) was the opportunity, once again, to show that even if we think that a technology is complicated, Kubernetes in this case, it is possible to extend these functionalities in a simple, playful and step-by-step way.

As an … author 😆

Being at Cloud Nord as a sponsor, speaker and illustrated book writer was a special opportunity to meet all day developers, Ops, SRE, students (…) and other sponsors who were interested in the book.

Many people were attracted by the book so it allowed to have people throughout the day, constantly on the stand.
Aurélie took advantage of these moments of exchange to learn more about the use of Kubernetes by visitors and was able to redirect to the rest of the team in order to offer them demos and tell them more about existing OVHcloud solutions.

As a sponsor

The format of the conference allowed, for once, to take full advantage of the people present and coming to see us on the stand.
The Gabaky game, tested during the Sunny Tech, was a great moment of sharing with all the participants.

Can’t wait to return next year!

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