OVHcloud and Hacktober Fest 2023

Hacktober Fest logo

During October, 2023, the Hacktober Fest is taking place.

What is Hacktober Fest?

Hacktoberfest is DigitalOcean’s annual event that encourages people to contribute to open source throughout October.

It’s a way to highlight open source projects with boosting the participation of resolving issues by reward the committers.

You have to fix at list 4 issues merged in the principal branch to be eligible to a lottery to win a prize.

How to contribute with OVHcloud repositories?

First of all, all repositories are in the Github organization named ovh:

The eligible repositories have the hacktoberfest topic:

Feel free to pick an issue and start coding!

Please follow the README and CONTRIBUTING guides 😉.

You can ask your questions about the Hacktober Fest at OVHcloud in the dedicated channel in OVHcloud’s Discord.

Keep coding!

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Java developer for many years, I have the joy of knowing JDK 1.1, JEE, Struts, ... and now Spring, Quarkus, (core, boot, batch), Angular, Groovy, Golang, ...
For more than ten years I was a Software Architect, a job that allowed me to face many problems inherent to the complex information systems in large groups.
I also had other lives, notably in automation and delivery with the implementation of CI/CD chains based on Jenkins pipelines.
I particularly like sharing and relationships with developers and I became a Developer Relation at OVHcloud.
This new adventure allows me to continue to use technologies that I like such as Kubernetes or AI for example but also to continue to learn and discover a lot of new things.
All the while keeping in mind one of my main motivations as a Developer Relation: making developers happy.
Always sharing, I am the co-creator of the TADx Meetup in Tours, allowing discovery and sharing around different tech topics.