Navigating the Challenges of the Cloud Channel and how OVHcloud supports partners

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the channel plays a pivotal role in connecting providers with end-user companies. However, this crucial link encounters a myriad of challenges in its day-to-day operations. In this article, we delve into the intricate web of hurdles faced by the channel, ranging from pricing control and product knowledge to the human factor and the indispensable role of supplier support.

During conversations with our partners and with other members of the channel that are not yet part of our ecosystem, we have identified several key challenges where we can help to address. Also in this article we will try to review them in a simple way and explain how OVHcloud supports the partner to solve them. Lets go one by one:

1. Pricing Control and Predictability

One of the key challenges faced by partners is maintaining control and predictability in pricing. Fluctuations in pricing can lead to market uncertainty, impacting profit margins and creating an environment of distrust among cloud business.

OVHcloud offers competitive pricing, but it’s more important for the channel to know that these prices are entirely predictable, that there is no hidden cost, and that it can make a correct and reliable estimate of what it should charge its customers at the end of each month. OVHcloud, unlike other cloud providers, does not include any traffic costs, for calls to databases or the use of its APIs, nor for data retention.

2. Product Knowledge and Training

In a fast-paced tech environment, staying abreast of the latest products and innovations is a constant challenge for partners. Adequate product knowledge is not only essential for successful sales but also for providing valuable insights to customers. The lack of comprehensive training programs or the high cost that some cloud providers apply to their certifications can hinder the channel’s ability to effectively communicate the features and benefits of the products they distribute.

At OVHcloud, we believe that access to information and training is a right for the partner and that is why we offer a completely free program that includes online and face-to-face training on both about products and tactics that help to sell. Access to continuous training, including trial and testing enviroments from OVHcloud emerges as a cornerstone in the learning process, providing partners with a hands-on understanding that transcends theoretical knowledge.

By facilitating hands-on experiences, OVHcloud not only contribute to partner education but also empower them to make informed, confident decisions in recommending and implementing technology solutions for their clients which becomes crucial for staying competitive and delivering effective sales and superior customer service.

3. The Human Factor

Many partners tell us about the difficulties they have working with other cloud providers to find a person who offers direct attention in their daily basics. They find themselves lost and unattended, which gives them a feeling of being alone in the difficult work of selling.

Nowadays, despite of the prevalence of digital communication, the human element remains a critical aspect of the channel. Building and maintaining relationships with all players in the ecosystem, including customers is essential for long-term success.

In OVHcloud the interpersonal skills of our channel team members become instrumental in understanding the unique needs of each partner and client and tailoring solutions accordingly. Proximity and human communication is another of the pillars on which our relationship with the ecosystem supports and directly impacts on the success of the business.

4. Diversifying offerings and interoperable solutions

In the ever-expanding tech ecosystem, the breadth of solutions offered by a distributor is paramount. Finding a supplier that provides an extensive portfolio of solutions is a critical challenge. However, the complexity doesn’t end there; the solutions must not only be diverse but also open and interoperable as interoperability is key in today’s interconnected and hybrid world.

For a partner this requires a careful selection of suppliers whose offerings adhere to open standards, allowing for smooth interoperability and avoiding the pitfalls of vendor lock-in.

OVHcloud is a strategic cloud provider for those partners that are looking to build flexible and scalable technology infrastructures as we offer open and entire catalogue of interoperable solutions for hybrid and multicloud enviroments. Our ability for that enhances the partner’s complete value proposition, makes their job easier and enables partner to address entire 360 projects.

5. The critical role of technical support in the pre-sales phase

Exploring the complex landscape of diverse technologies requires more than just product knowledge; it demands a deep understanding of use cases and the ability to optimizing technology for the clients’ unique needs. Having a knowledgeable representative available during the pre-sales process is not just beneficial; it is fundamental for partners to build their proposals.

Talking about product knowledge and human factors, OVHcloud includes in the channel team robust technical support that creates a distinct competitive advantage. A designated expert who can offer insights into use cases, advise on technology utilization, and assist in tailoring architectures becomes an invaluable resource for partners. This personalized support not only enhances the partner’s capabilities but also fosters stronger, more collaborative relationships between us and our partners.

6. Business generation and identifying commercial opportunities for succeed

Reaching new customers and identifying warm business opportunities is a challenge for the channel and the ability to generate business and detect new opportunities is crucial for growth and it’s not an easy task at all.

OVHcloud believes that generating business is not a issue that the partner must face alone. And this involves not only reacting to market trends but also proactively seeking out new potential customers and qualifying their needs in the whitespace. OVHcloud proactively seeks these business opportunities in customers who not only need our technology but the service of an expert partner to perform value projects. Our work finding strategic opportunities is key to our partners’ business and growth.

7. Security fears and overcoming hesitation in adopting cloud technologies

While the channel actively strives to usher in innovative and disruptive solutions, a formidable challenge emerges in persuading certain clients to embark on projects that are truly transformative. Despite being conscious of the benefits these initiatives bring to the digital transformation of their companies, clients often harbor concerns, with data security topping the list.

The fear of data breaches becomes a significant obstacle, especially when dealing with projects that involve complex migrations or the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. The challenge for distributors is not only to advocate for the advantages of these disruptive solutions but also to address and alleviate the legitimate security concerns raised by their clients.

As European Cloud Provider, OVHcloud guarantees the highest security in data processing, complying with the most demanding regulations. Leading global provider of Trusted Cloud our strong commitment with regulation, ethics, data localization and compliance with the highest security standards are the pillars that allow us together with our partners to build trust and assure clients that embracing cloud technologies, including AI solutions, can be done securely, marking a significant step towards achieving their digital transformation goals in all types of verticals, even those using highly sensitive data.

In conclusion, the challenges faced by the channel are multifaceted, requiring a holistic approach to overcome them. From pricing control and product knowledge to the human element and supplier support, each aspect plays a crucial role in the success of the channel. By addressing these challenges head-on and embracing a dynamic, customer-centric approach in collaboration with OVHcloud, partners can not only survive but thrive in the competitive cloud market.

To rap up, the level of support provided by OVHcloud plays a pivotal role in overcoming challenges within the channel. Beyond product training, we offer ongoing assistance, proactive communication, and strategic guidance. A robust support system that ensures the ecosystem can navigate unforeseen challenges, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and foster a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties.

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