Byzaneo and OVHcloud: DevOps agility combined with the power of the cloud

Just a year ago, we launched OVHcloud Marketplace. Our aim was to create and foster an ecosystem of trusted technology solutions. More than 100 SaaS and PaaS publishers have joined us in this initiative, offering their solutions on our platform.

Byzaneo and OVHcloud: DevOps agility combined with the power of the cloud

More than 200 turn-key digital solutions are now available there, and they are accessible to everyone — both professionals and individuals — allowing them to meet all of their business needs. A company can digitalise its end-to-end activity, from website creation to billing and IT security, using only sovereign solutions hosted on a trusted cloud.

Byzaneo is a perfect example of what can be achieved with this ecosystem. Its co-founder, Baptiste Casnedi, explains how a partnership based on common values can be transformed into a concrete solution.

Byzaneo and OVHcloud

By Baptiste Casnedi


For 17 years now, Byzaneo has relied on OVHcloud infrastructures to host its solutions and its customers’ projects. This long-standing partnership was further strengthened last year with the arrival of a dedicated solution on the OVHcloud Marketplace, allowing any coding company of any size to benefit from Byzaneo’s DevOps expertise combined with the performance of our global infrastructure. 

OVHcloud has a long-standinginvolvement in innovation, and promotes alternative software solutions that reflect the values of an open and free world. Byzaneo shares identical values, and these are reflected in the h8lio solution: an open, alternative platform offering freedom. 

h8lio is an automated DevOps chain of 32 open-source tools and a managed Kubernetes solution that is set up for infrastructure as-a-service. It integrates resource management and subscription without commitment.This makes it the ultimate all-in-one platform to help IT teams develop, deploy, host and manage applications on a high-level cloud infrastructure. 

Innovation to reduce complexity and highlight performance 


Byzaneo’s priority is to deliver constant performance under all circumstances for the services our customers develop and deploy, while handling the significant increase in their demands. This way, we can fulfil our promise of scalability. To do this, in addition to the DevOps chain, we provide them with a managed, secure Kubernetes solution for deploying and managing their applications.  

The managed Kubernetes solution offered by h8lio is serverless, so that users do not have to manage their infrastructure. This means the infrastructure is transparent to users, but remains a key performance link: h8lio is based on OVHcloud’s bare-metal physical infrastructure.  

The only way to guarantee the quality and performance of a PaaS solution is with a robust, redundant infrastructure. 

Environmental responsibility at the heart of innovation 

While performance is undoubtedly a primary objective, energy efficiency is certainly another. The digital industry generates 3.7% of global CO2 emissions, according to The Shift Project. Like the legend of the hummingbird in the forest fire, we want to play our part in limiting the environmental impact of our solution. 

With the fine granularity (with vCPU and Giga) in real time offered by h8lio and integrated into the latest version, you can allocate and use the exact resources you need for your application or service to work properly. With both clear monitoring for billing and eco-responsibility, there are ecological and economic benefits. 

Climate Neutral Datacenter Pact

OVHcloud’s innovation also boosts energy performance, particularly the improvement of datacentre cooling and ventilation techniques. These include the design and deployment of proprietary water-cooling and air-cooling systems, which have eliminated the need for air conditioning in 98% of our server rooms.  

This environmental commitment is broader in scope, as OVHcloud is a signatory of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, signed in 2021 and working to achieve carbon neutrality for datacentres by 2030. 

Made in Europe to address user concerns and match our values

The h8lio solution was developed in France, and relies on OVHcloud for a high-performance, sovereign hosting solution that strictly complies with European regulations (GDPR). 

OVHcloud systematically favours to host its IT system within the European Union

Faced with the solutions offered by the Big Five (GAFAM) and other Chinese tech giants — along with the legislative framework that comes with them — the idea of a sovereign European cloud makes sense. This is why h8lio offers a French-based European alternative, hosted on OVHcloud datacentres that are located outside of Patriot Act zones. The 2 companies are also committed to GAIA-X, a project that sets out European ambitions in terms of cloud services. 

We promote a sovereign cloud that respects data privacy, and we work pragmatically with users as they transition to our cloud infrastructure. This way, whichever cloud provider you choose, you can migrate smoothly to a European cloud in several steps. This multi-cloud concept is a reality with h8lio. 

Baptiste Casnedi
Baptiste Casnedi
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