The Bastion – Part 4 – A new era

The Bastion - Part 4 - A new era

This is the last article in the series about The Bastion. In the previous parts, we covered the principles of The Bastion, and talked about how delegation was at the core of the system. Then we explained how Security was at the heart of the design principles, in a detailed but hopefully not too-long article.

Today, we’re announcing something special. You might have guessed it already, thanks to the (not so) little breadcrumbs trail we left in the previous articles. Without further ado, and because pictures can say a thousand words on their own:

We’re going open-source! We’re very excited to share this news with you, and to mark this new milestone in the lifecycle of The Bastion. We think it’s a perfect reason to bump to the next major version: v3.00.00! Obviously, all previous versions were internal-only.

The code is available at GitHub, and we’re also moving all the non-OVHcloud-specific development there from now on.

The documentation is also available online (as well as offline as reStructuredText files), we encourage you to read it. For the most impatient, there is also a docker image available on Docker hub if you want to give it a try: the TL;DR section of the on GitHub will get you started.

Many of the more advanced features (such as PIV support, 2FA/MFA support, the notion of realms, the HTTPS proxy, etc.) are not yet fully documented, but all the basics are already there. We will enhance this during the next few weeks/months. A few features are not yet open-sourced either, such as the db plugin we talked about in the previous post. But it’ll make it to the open-source version eventually.

We hope it’ll be of use to the community, as much as it is to us, and we can’t wait to hear from you! The GitHub page is over here.

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