Continuous Delivery and Deployment Workflows with CDS

Continuous Delivery and Deployment Workflows with CDS

The CDS Workflow is a key feature of OVH CI/CD Platform. This structuring choice to add an additional concept above CI/CD pipelines and jobs is definitely an essential feature after more than three years of intense use.

Before going further on the explanation of a CDS workflow, we will make some reminders about the concepts of pipelines and jobs. Those concepts are based on the reference book 8 Principles of Continuous Delivery.


How does OVH manage the CI/CD at scale?

From git commit to production, the delivery process is the set of steps that take place to deliver your service to your customers. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery – CI/CD – are practices based on the Agile Values which aim to automate this process as much as possible.

The Continuous Delivery Team @OVH has a mission: to help the OVH developers to industrialize and automate their delivery process. The CD team is here to advocate CI/CD best practices and maintain the ecosystem tools, with a maximum focus on as-a-service solutions.

The central point of this ecosystem is a tool built in-house at OVH, named CDS.
CDS is an OVH opensource software, you will find it on with documentation on