Looking Back at OVHCloud Summit 2019

For its 7th Summit, OVHcloud brought together its whole community for the annual meetup at Porte de Versailles, Paris. For the opening keynote, presented by OVHcloud’s Founder and Chairman Octave Klaba and CEO Michel Paulin, nearly 10,000 people followed the event, either by going to the Paris Expo, or via video stream around the world.

The company’s ambition is to offer a European alternative in the cloud market, and its 20th anniversary marks a new milestone in its growth. It is an opportunity to remind everyone of the company’s positioning and to announce the adoption of the name OVHcloud.

OVHcloud is demonstrating its capacity for international growth, support and innovation. It is resolutely focused on the cloud and intends to contribute to an emerging ecosystem of trusted solutions in Europe.

OVHcloud Summit 2019

Constant innovation for a SMARTer cloud

Through its four universes, OVHcloud is following its development and innovation axes, to offer its customers solutions and products that are adapted to suit their needs and resource usage.

Supporting IT decision-makers in their digital transition with Enterprise

With Enterprise products and solutions, IT decision-makers have the opportunity to secure their digital transition projects based on a transparent, reversible, predictive and multi-local cloud. This year, the Bare Metal portfolio will be enriched with dedicated server clusters, based on a private network with guaranteed performance, through standard APIs for better automation. The company will soon update its line of premium customisable HG dedicated servers with the latest-generation Intel® Cascade Lake™ and 2nd generation AMD EPYC™ CPUs, to offer users even more performance and reliability. Finally, the group is pursuing its global certification strategy, and is undergoing the SecNumCloud qualification process

Providing an open, standard environment for DevOps who need to develop scalable cloud-based applications with the Public Cloud

With the Public Cloud product line, developers can start their activity instantly, with the flexibility of on-demand resources that allow them to adjust their resource usage to suit their needs, simply and quickly. The company also remains true to its commitments by using open and interoperable standards: Public Cloud Storage is now available with support for S3 APIs, and the alignment of Public Cloud with RefStack tools will soon be complete.  

Public Cloud services are also expanding globally: Analytics Data Platform (ADP) now enables to deploy preconfigured Big Data clusters in less than an hour in Public Cloud regions in Europe, Canada and APAC. Finally, OVHcloud recently launched a range of private databases based on PostgreSQL, which are fully managed and adapted to suit production needs, so that users can focus on their core business.

Meeting the needs of infrastructure, hardware and network enthusiasts looking to build a cloud platform with server solutions

System administrators can use server solutions to build their infrastructure, for the best price and performance available on the market. And this year, OVHcloud has completely redesigned its range of dedicated servers, aiming to simplify the range and make it more versatile. To meet the scalability and performance requirements of medium-sized enterprises, government agencies and universities, OVHcloud recently launched its new range of Infrastructure dedicated servers. You can use them to build server architectures in clusters and manage large databases. All servers in the Infrastructure range are equipped with the latest technology, OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA), which allows users to aggregate the network interfaces of each server to increase its availability, while isolating it from the public network and possible threats. Some servers in the Infrastructure range also provide advanced security features via Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) technology, which fully isolates code that is being run, and data that is being processed. 

OVHCloud will also be launching early 2020 his brand-new Virtual Private Server offer. Simple and easy to scale, from STARTER to ELITE. It comes with options such as Automated Backu pand 99.9% SLA

Boosting business owners’ online presence and business communication with Market solutions

Market solutions enable individuals and small enterprises to grow digitally. Cloud Web solutions are aimed at developers and agencies. They will be developed this year, with new configurations to suit a wider range of uses. As a result, users will get additional resources for their websites and web applications.  

Finally, as a pure player for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), OVHcloud relies on a rich network of partners, with all of the skills required to deploy and maintain services for its own customers. To invest in this, the company has redesigned the OVHcloud Partner Program, to better support companies’ digital transformations. This is also another way in which the company is focusing on its internationalisation. The program is open and compliant with OVHcloud’s DNA, and its first members already include companies such as Thales, Capgemini and Deloitte.  

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