Navigating Global Expansion and Data Residency: The Power of OVHcloud Local Zones

In an era where data regulations are tightening and user expectations for seamless digital experiences are soaring, businesses face a conundrum in their global expansion: how to comply with local data regulations while reducing latency for better performance to their customers worldwide? Enter OVHcloud Local Zones, a groundbreaking compute solution that not only addresses these challenges but also unlocks a realm of opportunities for international companies to expand globally while acting locally. 

From centralized data centers to local data performance 

For years, the traditional cloud architecture relied on a few centralized data centers, often leading to data residency issues and suboptimal user experiences due to latency. However, the advent of Local Zones heralds a new era. By distributing compute power across numerous smaller data centers strategically located in major cities, OVHcloud eliminates the need for data to traverse long distances, ensuring compliance with local regulations and enhancing application performance. 

“Cross-border data transfers can have a huge positive impact on the economy by 2030 if we make the right decisions now.” – Hilary Mine, President of DIGITALEUROPE 

How to help your data navigate the right way with Local Zones

OVHcloud’s Local Zones extend the reach of their data centers to key urban hubs across several countries, with plans for expansion into up to 150 cities within the next three years. This infrastructure simplifies compliance when it comes to data residency, improves application performance across the board, without imposing exorbitant costs or complexities on organizations. 

Three Ways Local Zones Help International Companies 

  1. Store Data Locally: Operating in multiple countries often entails grappling with regulatory complexities. Local Zones enable businesses to store data within the same country, minimizing latency, ensuring faster content delivery, and facilitating compliance with regional data regulations. 
  2. Scale with Confidence: By strategically locating data centers nearest to areas of high user demand, Local Zones allow companies to deploy at scale and expand their services seamlessly while maintaining reliability and compliance.
  3. Improve User Experience: In an age where consumers demand lightning-fast responsiveness, Local Zones facilitate the hosting of services locally, resulting in lower latency and higher user satisfaction.

Expand Safely with Local Zones 

While data residency and edge computing are undeniably crucial, Local Zones offer far more than mere compliance. Lower latency and international expansion make OVHcloud an indispensable partner for companies on their digital transformation journey, seeking to gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Ready to Elevate Your Business with OVHcloud? 

Whether you’re navigating complex data regulations or striving to deliver unparalleled user experiences, OVHcloud’s Local Zones offer a compelling solution.  

OVHcloud Local Zones make real the principles of Edge Computing offering businesses robust, flexible, and secure cloud solutions. With a suite of offerings including B3 compute instances, block storage, and an expanding array of features, OVHcloud isn’t just meeting industry standards—it’s setting the pace.

And the perspective for your business development with Local Zones doesn’t stop there; with Kubernetes on the horizon for next year, the future looks brighter than ever for those seeking top-tier cloud services. Dive in, because the OVHcloud Local Zones journey is only just beginning…

Our upcoming local zones rolls out:

  • Marseille 29/04
  • Prague 22/05
  • Amsterdam 22/05
  • Milan 22/05
  • Zurich 28/05

Reach out today to explore how OVHcloud can help you lower latency, remain compliant, and gain a measurable competitive advantage in an increasingly digital world.

Henrik Hansenkamp
Henrik Hasenkamp
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