Dedicated Servers: The new ranges are on their way!

Since the year 2000, OVH teams have been designing and assembling all of the OVH group’s servers in-house. In fact, there are currently 400K servers in operation, and 2018 marked the millionth server assembled! Our dedicated servers are the foundation of all OVHcloud products. That’s why we wanted to enhance the different ranges, in order to improve our customers’ overall experience.

Our new ranges of dedicated servers are about to launch! 

OVH’s new dedicated server ranges aim to offer a wide selection of servers that are both powerful and easy to use.  

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For the past couple of months, all engineering groups involved with the Bare Metal Product Unit have been working on the new dedicated servers’ foundations and future offers. From our portfolio’s value proposal, to our functional requirements (i.e. the technical building blocks); from our methodology, compliance, and production processes, to our datacentre standards and industry foundations, we have addressed the entire value chain! 

It has been an important and very interesting journey, where we’ve capitalised on our customers’ feedback, integrated our scalability constraints, and developed our operational excellence (and our ambitions!). And because innovation is our engine, we wanted to learn from our previous challenges, while still taking an innovative approach, as always! 

The new ranges each possess strong identities, shared by all their models, which makes it simple for customers to find, identify, and choose the server that’s right for their needs. 

“But what’s a bare-metal server?”

A bare-metal’ server is simply a single-tenant physical server. This is what distinguishes it from other forms of computing, such as virtualisation, and allows for customer access to hardware-specific features, which could not otherwise be provided with constant, guaranteed resources, or managed by a virtualisation layer (hardware flexibility, data-intensive projects, processing power etc.).  Each server may run any amount of work for the customer, or may have multiple simultaneous users, but its resources are dedicated entirely to whoever is renting it, without any lock-in !

The bare-metal server production chain at a glance!

Birth of an OVH Bare Metal server

A global approach

What does it mean to deploy a new range? Well, for a company like OVH – where bare metal represents a huge footprint of 400K servers in 28 datacentres – it requires a lot of organisation… 

  • Customer feedback and continuous improvement
  • Performance and innovation
  • Resilience and scalability
  • Product line and use case approaches
  • Quality and lean industrial practices
  • The best competitive ratio for our customers!

Those six pillars were our key drivers when starting this phenomenal programme for the launch of our new dedicated server ranges! 

Let’s kick-start our new OVHcloud journey!

The first new range from our dedicated server family is already here! Its name is Advance.

As you might have already seen, the Hosting range of servers has evolved considerably over the years, becoming larger and more versatile, in order to offer greater flexibility.  The new Advance range builds on this, and has been designed to meet the needs and requirements of SMEs, providing them with a strong foundation from which to meet their business challenges. 

Many, many new technical features (motherboards, CPUs, memory, disks, networks, options etc.) and benefits are embedded in the new range, such as: 

  • A scalable infrastructure 
  • A higher, unmetered network bandwidth 
  • A free private network, included with all servers: vRack 
  • 10Gbps network interfaces
  • High-performance NVMe drives (Enterprise class) 
  • New options for drive customisation 
  • Free storage space, remote from the server, for backups 
  • 256 additional free IPs 
  • The best anti-DDoS protection 

But it’s not just about technical improvements…

On the pricing side, we kept our promise to offer both no commitment and no setup fees, to make it easier to benchmark our new models and quickly establish which ones should accompany your growth. We also listened to our customers regarding the commitment terms. That’s why we have introduced new discounts for longer-term commitment, with or without an upfront payment!

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All this is by design. Our objective is to ease accessibility, and bring you the best of our industry when it comes to the price/performance ratio.  

Furthermore, we worked hard to enhance our level of quality and increase our overall maturity by moving to a key standard: ISO 27001. Because compliance and quality is just as important as performance! But we’ll talk about that in another post ?… 

Now stay tuned, because it’s just the beginning! OVHcloud is accelerating for YOU.

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