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A few words about the conference

The Snowcamp conference took place in Grenoble (near the French Alps) from January 30 to February 1.

It’s a medium-sized conference, with 600 attendees and over 60 talks and workshop, mainly for developers.

What was OVHcloud doing?

This year we were not sponsors (unlike last year), but we had two workshops and one talk.

Let’s focus on the AI workshop given by Thierry Chantier and myself.

The goal of the workshop

The official abstract (🇫🇷):

In a nutshell, the aim of the workshop is to give participants the key concepts for specializing a model and using it in a real application.

The goal is to code a web application that uses the YOLOV8 model to play the “rock / paper / scissors” game.

The slides (🇫🇷) can be found here and the source code here.

Model specialization with AI Notebooks

The first part of the workshop uses our AI Notebook product to specialize the YOLOV8 model so that it recognizes the hand signs of the “rock / paper / scissors” game.

The source code is available here.

Training the model with AI Training

The second part of the workshop uses our AI Training product to train the new model with more data.

The source code is available here.

The final application with AI Deploy

The last part of the workshop uses our AI Deploy product to create and deploy an application using the model.

The source code is available here.

If you want to go further

You can test and use the source code as you wish.

Feel free to create issues or PRs if you want to improve this workshop, the main repository is public-cloud-examples.

This workshop is mainly based on our existing guides:
– AI Notebooks: Train YOLOv8 to play to “rock paper scissors”
– AI Training: Train YOLOv8 to play to “rock paper scissors”
– AI Deploy: Create an application to play rock paper scissors with YoloV8

Of-course, take a look to the other AI product guides and tutorials.

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I particularly like sharing and relationships with developers and I became a Developer Relation at OVHcloud.
This new adventure allows me to continue to use technologies that I like such as Kubernetes or AI for example but also to continue to learn and discover a lot of new things.
All the while keeping in mind one of my main motivations as a Developer Relation: making developers happy.
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