Servers: Revision of Linux Distribution Reinstallation

Dear Customer,

As part of improving and simplifying the use of our products, we are updating the list of Linux distributions available when installing your dedicated servers.

With this in mind, some of your dedicated servers are currently deployed with a Linux distribution which will eventually no longer be available for reinstallation. However, your services will continue to function normally and will be properly supported. Only the reinstallation of the current distribution will no longer be available. In addition, these distributions will no longer be available for installation in the case of an order for an identical server.

Maintenance details

Date & Time:  13/05/2024 9:00 UTC

Impact: permanent unavailability of the current distribution upon reinstallation of your dedicated servers

Services Impacted

nsxxxxxxxx.ip-xxx-xx-xxx.usADV-4 Gen 2Ubuntu Server 18.04 – 64 bits
nsxxxxxxxx.ip-xxx-xx-xxx.usADV-4 Gen 2Ubuntu Server 18.04 – 64 bits

Here is the list of dedicated server ranges which will no longer be available for installation/reinstallation:

In addition, you can find the list of distributions still available for the ranges concerned below.

Other dedicated server ranges that are not listed above may also be compatible with the distribution of your choice. The complete list of ranges can be found here: Dedicated server prices – Explore our full server range | OVHcloud

Finally, you may also deploy the distribution of your choice using the “Bring Your Own Image” (BYOI) feature offered by OVHcloud. To learn more, please visit our official documentation for BYOI:

We appreciate your patience and consideration in the matter.

Guillaume jacquet
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