Unveiling OVHcloud Partner Program: Your Path to Success in the Cloud Ecosystem

Dear Partners,

Welcome to the forefront of innovation! As the landscape of cloud technology continuously evolves, so do the challenges and opportunities we face for 2024. Today, we stand together in a new era, one that demands a coalition of dedicated partners – and that’s where you come in.

OVHcloud Partner Program Global Campaign 2024

At OVHcloud, we’re committed to a simple yet powerful strategy: partnering with the best to offer unparalleled solutions. Through the OVHcloud Partner Program, we’re not just building alliances; we’re crafting a platform where your expertise meets our cutting-edge technology.

The key lies in simplicity amidst complexity. Together, through this program, we’re poised to deliver tailored solutions. Those that cater to your customers’ needs, whether local or global.

But partnerships aren’t just about compatibility; they’re about shared values. At OVHcloud, transparency, accessibility, price-predictability, and simplicity form the bedrock of our ethos. We seek partners who resonate with these principles to drive our program forward.

Our ecosystem is diverse, comprising software vendors, consultancy firms, managed service providers, system integrators, and startups. Each segment has a unique program designed to fuel growth. Together, we’re not just different. We’re uniquely positioned to cater to diverse customer needs globally at the best price performance ratio.

As we evolve, so does our Partner Program. This year, we’re thrilled to introduce Partner Paths. The path tailored to fit your business:

  1. General Path: Crafted for managed service providers, value-added resellers, and system integrators.
  2. Referral Path: For partners assisting clients in solving complex business challenges. Your role in decision-making deserves a specialized path. Your passion for our solutions, your curiosity to learn more, and your dedication haven’t gone unnoticed.
  3. Web Agency Path: ***Coming soon***. A dedicated avenue for web agencies to create dream websites on OVHcloud infrastructure.

New partnership level: Elite

partnerships levels

We’ve invested in four partnership levels to ensure your success journey with us remains seamless and rewarding. Whether you’re starting or deepening your partnership, we’re here to provide the tools, support, and community you need to thrive. Along with Standard, Advanced and Strategy Partnership levels, we have now added Elite. With this new level we want to recognize and reward those who are growing with us at a faster rate than ever before. That’s why we have decided to invest in new dedicated advantages. Aligned with your deep level of engagement with OVHcloud. Your engagement includes but is not limited to Partner Financial incentives, Dedicated Sales and Tech Labs, Training Zone Vouchers, Priority Access to Beta for New Products, POC Vouchers for new infrastructure tests, Customizable Marketing Collaterals, Co-marketing funds for lead gen activities, and more.

More benefits with more deals for our partners!

Partner level benefits

Not only are partners winning more deals thanks to the expertise they earn in our training sessions, but they are saving more money because of the flexible training model. In fact, we did the math: partners who get certified win 3 times more deals than those who don’t. On top of this, they have a more skilled workforce who are proud to demonstrate their expertise through our certification badges, which help Partners like you to be recognized for your excellence and create organic buzz on networks like LinkedIn.

At the end of the day, whatever level you are at, we make sure you got what you need to accelerate your growth! It goes with making you part of our ecosystem community and that you are on a path that is right for you.

Your feedback is invaluable in shaping our future endeavors. Reach out, share your thoughts, and let’s script the next chapter of our story together!

Tori Frazier

Tori Frazier
Global Partner Program Director at OVHcloud | + posts