New Redis® Licensing Model and OVHcloud Managed Databases for Caching

In March, a new licensing model for Redis®1 was introduced, which will impact our OVHcloud Managed Databases for Redis® service. From 1 May, Redis® releases up to and including Redis 7.2 will remain under the current three-clause Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) licence. However, future versions, starting with Redis 7.4, will be released under new dual source-available licences.

While there are no immediate changes to the existing OVHcloud Managed Databases for Redis® services or their functionality, we will be renaming the offer to Managed Databases for Caching to comply with Redis’s copyright and licence agreements.

What’s Changing

The key takeaway from this name change is that current customers do not need to take any immediate action. The service itself, including any associated API endpoints, CLI commands and functionality for creating or using a Managed Databases for Caching service, will remain unchanged.

In accordance with the updated Redis Trademark Policy, all references to Managed Databases for Redis® on our web pages and the OVHcloud Control Panel will be updated to Managed Databases for Caching. The service will continue to be compatible with legacy Redis® OSS. Thus, we will provide updates until the end of life for Redis® 7.2 in August 2025.

The Future of Databases at OVHcloud

After Redis/Caching, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra and M3DB, you might wonder, “What comes next?”. We are excited to share that OVHcloud is planning to extend top-tier database options.

We have recently updated our MongoDB offer, introducing a 100% free Discovery Free Tier service. Plus, we are aiming to extend our Free Tier services portfolio in the coming months. Our Data Platform, currently in beta release, comes with a Lakehouse (Data Lake and Data Warehouse service). This is designed to manage and query massive amounts of data for analytics purposes. In the coming months, we are also planning to introduce ClickHouse! As a new analytics database engine and deploy our Database engines in more locations. Want to know more? Check out our Databases Public Cloud Roadmap on Github.

  1. Redis is a registered trademark of Redis Ltd. All rights reserved to Redis Ltd. Any use by OVH SAS and its subsidiaries is for informational purposes only and does not constitute sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation between Redis and OVH SAS. ↩︎
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