Vianney Lejeune | Transformation & Strategic Delivery Manager| Prince2®, ITIL ☁️

Vianney Lejeune opens the line of communication between clients, teams, and businesses to get promises delivered. With over 10 years of IT delivery, management, and client-facing end-to-end consultancy experience in both public and private sectors, Vianney has broad experience at structuring and executing business-critical initiatives, to smoothly drive change in organisation on international scope. Before focussing on the Cloud industry, Vianney held a Delivery Center manager position, delivery multi-millions euros maintenance and software development services, and started his carrer as Software engineer, having therefore a comprehensive understanding of both technical and management challenges. Vianney holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Institut Catholique d'Arts & Métiers (Lille, France), and Prince2® Practitioner & ITIL certification.

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